Day #3: 8 Days of Christmas. Today a Touch of Magic and another prize
Sunday, December 18th, 2016

Today we’re bringing a touch of magic to Christmas. This is one of three books in the Mistletoe Magic series I wrote with Regina Carlysle and Cindy Spencer Pape. So be sure to check out Whispers of Magic and Breathe of Magic, too.

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Touch of Magic



Maddie Woodward is in a pickle. The last person she expects to see when she returns to the family ranch for one last Christmas is her former lover, Zach Brennan. He’s hotter as he ever was, all male and determined to get her naked. She’s just as determined to show him she’s over him—until she ends up in his bed, enjoying the wildest sex of her life. A night of uncontrolled, erotic sex shows her that Zach is far from out of her life. Now if she can just get him to help her convince her sisters not to sell the ranch—or sell it to the two of them.


Zach Brennan. Here, on her ranch. How could life be so cruel?

His stood in front of her now, tilting his hat back just enough so she could see the glint of light in his coffee-colored eyes. His skin was tanned as if he spent a great deal of time outdoors and there were fine networks of lines at the corners of his eyes and his mouth.

His mouth!

She had to focus on something else, because all she could remember was the last time they’d been together and the wonderful things that mouth had done to her body.

Maddie wondered if he was still riding the rodeo circuit. Like a nail poking into an open sore, she’d kept up with his career until she couldn‘t stand it any more. She knew all the silver buckles he’d won, all the grand prizes. Not to mention, she was sure, the adoration of dozens of buckle bunnies. That had been her last sight of him, twenty-five years old and a walking bottle of testosterone, surrounded by rodeo groupies in the beer tent, ignoring her last-ditch effort to talk to him, winking at her as he leaned in to kiss the brunette hanging on one arm.

“Hello, Maddie.” His voice was like aged whiskey—smooth as silk but burning its way into her body. “Ty said you’d be the first one to arrive.”

Ty Blackwell, Zach’s friend and her older sister Liza’s lover years ago, was handling the estate of her parents. But just what did Zach have to do with that?

She had to swallow twice before she could get words out in something approaching a normal tone. “I was sorry to hear about your mom.”

Pain slashed through his eyes, darkening them. “Yeah. That was a bad scene.”

“I heard your dad sold your place and moved to Colorado to live with your brother.”

Zach gave a brief nod. “He was pretty lonely after Mom died.”

Maddie screwed up her courage. It was now or never. “What are you doing here?”

A hint of a grin kicked up one corner of his mouth. “I guess that gets it right to the point, doesn’t it?”

“I don’t see any point in beating around the bush. Where’s Jack Grady and the rest of the hands? What’s going on here?”

“Grady got kicked by the new bull your daddy had just bought about a week before the accident. At his age that’s not such a good thing. His doctor thinks he might not be able to come back to work.”

Maddie wet her lips. “That still doesn’t answer the rest of my questions.”

“The hands are out taking care of business. I’m here because Ty needed someone to run the ranch until you and your sisters sign the papers to sell it.”

Maddie felt as if a giant fist had just punched her in the stomach. “Sell the ranch,” she managed to get out. Well, she hadn’t told Ty about her decision yet. Or her sisters. She supposed she should be grateful he hadn’t left the ranch to its own devices.

“Yes. I understand that’s what y’all plan to do.” He moved closer to her so their bodies were almost touching. His hand reached out to cup her cheek, his thumb lightly stroking the skin. “I’ve missed you, darlin’. More than you can possibly know.”


Day #2-Countdown to 8 Days of Christmas-and a prize!
Saturday, December 17th, 2016

Today’s treat is Soul Dream

Two damaged souls who found happiness first in their dreams and then in each other

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Books and More owner, Nina Foster doesn’t believe in love anymore. Twice, men have crushed her heart. Now, she’s resigned herself to making hot chocolate and baking cookies for the customers who enter her store. She won’t risk her heart again.

Blake Massie hides away from the world, nursing his scars. He sees himself as a monster that no one could ever love. A self-imposed recluse, he won’t allow himself to open up, afraid of being burned like his fire-ravaged skin.

Unable to reach out in person, the pair communicates via the Internet and hot, erotic fantasies. Night after night, they explore their growing passion with only a blindfold to protect their secrets. As Christmas approaches, Blake must share his pain if he is to ease hers, but doing so could drive her away forever. Can they take a chance and follow their deepest soul dreams, or will their fragile hearts continue to hide from the world and one another



Before she realized it, he tilted her to face him, one arm around her, the other hand cupping her chin. He pressed his lips against hers, a butterfly touch, so feather light it was barely there. She didn’t pull away, and the pressure increased. And when her arms came up to wrap around him, he traced the seam of her lips with his tongue.

He kissed one corner of her mouth then the other before murmuring, “Let me in. Please.”

It was the dream all over again, except this time she could actually taste him, and he was delicious. She opened her mouth to let his tongue sweep inside, and she offered him her own. It wasn’t the most passionate kiss she’d ever had or the most aggressive, but it certainly was the most possessive. As if he was somehow claiming ownership. And she had no desire to push him away.

She threaded her fingers through his hair, as smooth to the touch as his beard, and held his head to hers while he gently plundered her mouth. His tongue lit fires every place he touched, the heat flowing down through her body and making her muscles clench with desire. This was at once the most erotic and the most emotional kiss she’d ever shared, and she never wanted it to stop. It was only lack of oxygen that made them break the contact at last. She didn’t try to move away, hoping he’d take it as a sign not to let go. They sat there for a long moment, arms wrapped around each other, her head against his shoulder.

“I dreamed about kissing you like this.”

The words were whispered so faintly at first Nina wasn’t sure she heard correctly. “You did?”

“Uh huh. A lot.” He gently nipped her ear lobe. “About tasting you, inhaling your scent. Touching you everywhere. Do you dream that way?”

She squeezed her thighs together against the sudden hunger beating through her, her voice unsteady when she answered him. “Yes. Yes, I do.” She stroked his beard again. “Blake? Won’t you please take off the blindfold so I can see you?”

His muscles tightened for a moment then relaxed. “No. I can’t. Not yet. Please don’t ask me.” His laugh was forced. “Let’s keep this a fantasy for the time being, okay?”

“All right.” His words sounded so desperate, how could she say no?



Merry Christmas a little early! Time to Bang the Drummer!
Friday, December 16th, 2016

I’m doing my 8 days of Christmas because I didn’t get started in time to do twelve. What can I say. That’s the story of my life lately!

Every day I will feature a different book on my blog. Check it out and leave me a comment.

Each day I will pick a winner for a $10 Gift Certificate. And of course I would love it if you bought the book, too!


Today’s feature is Bang the Drummer, part of last year’s Twelve Days of Christmas from The Wild Rose Press.

Spicy version of 12 drummers drumming!

A Recommended Read from All Romance eBooks


Jill Kennedy has plans for a Christmas wedding. She’s put down deposits for the flowers, photos, and venue. Now all she needs is a groom. A drummer who’ll keep her life as steady as he keeps the beat to his music. With her good friend Charlie Costello as her wingman, she’ll interview percussionists, one per month until she finds the right tempo. But with Christmas approaching and no groom in sight, she’s starting to wonder if she’ll ever bang the drummer of her dreams.



Jill Kennedy curled up on her couch studying her iPad, frowning. Her Christmas tree still twinkled in the corner although the holiday was long past. Coldplay’s latest CD bumped its tunes out from her iPod docking station. The last of her Christmas candles flicked in glass holders on the coffee table, filling the room with the scent of pine and cranberry. She should be feeling mellow, but instead her nerves were jumping and a headache was creeping slowly up from the nape of her neck.

Charlie Costello lounged next to her, sock feet resting on her coffee table, his hands tapping a steady rhythm on his thighs in time to the song.

Jill tucked a strand of her shoulder-length sable-colored hair behind her ear as she studied the information on the iPad screen.

“I think I’ve got everything taken care of. Booked the Creekside Winery. Ordered the decorations. Set up a tasting for the food and Stella’s designing the wedding cake.” She glanced up at Charlie. “Why are you looking at me in that strange way?”

He gave her his familiar lop-sided grin. “You are the only woman I know who plans and pays for her wedding without knowing who the groom is.”

She flipped a hand at him. “I’ll have one by then. It’s in the plan. You know.”

He threw back his head and laughed. “Yeah, I love your interview process. You aren’t even dating anyone right now.”

“Because look how poor my choices were in that arena, right?”

He snorted. “So this is better? Tell me how?”

Jill pulled up another memo on her iPad. “Okay. I have a list.”

“A list? This I gotta hear. Lay it on me.”

If she didn’t need his help so badly, she would have smacked him. “It’s very specific. I asked around about different drummers in different bands and narrowed it down to the twelve most likely prospects. You know. Twelve drummers drumming, for Christmas.”

“Like a grocery list,” he teased.

“No, Charlie.” Damn him! “Like an interview process for a job.”

“Is that what this is, kitten? A job?”

“It’s a lifetime commitment,” she sniffed. She wished he’d just let her get on with this. All these questions were making her have tiny doubts about the wisdom of her decision. She gave herself a mental shake. “I’ll do one a month until I hit on the right one. The exact right one. First I check out their musical talent and their band history.”

Charlie gave a roar of laughter. “Because that’s such a requirement for stability?”

“Because it has to be a drummer so I need his performance history,” she snapped.

“Maybe it’s a different kind of performance you should be worrying about.”

“That comes later. After the phone calls and the coffee dates to see how he is in person and match our likes and dislikes.”

“Coffee dates?” He cocked an eyebrow. “Not even a romantic dinner?”

She wanted to sling the iPad at him. “I’ve been that route, remember? The whole nine yards, and what did I get? A bunch of losers. No, I’m doing this like a project for work. As a systems analyst, she knew the importance of things being able to mesh on a practical basis. ”

So you’re going to interview these bozos and then—what?”

Drummers,” she told him. “Interviewing drummers.”

He cocked his head. “And that’s why?”

“I told you.” She blew out a breath of exasperation. “Drummers have the best beat. The best tempo. They’re the heart of the band.” She grinned. “And have the best rhythm in bed.”




Christmas at the ranch is HOT!
Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Touch of Magic is part of a trio

Mistletoe Magic

Be surest check out Breath of Magic by Regina Carlysle and Whispers of Magic by Cindy Spencer Pape

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Maddie Woodward is in a pickle. The last person she expects to see when she returns to the family ranch for one last Christmas is her former lover, Zach Brennan. He’s hotter as he ever was, all male and determined to get her naked. She’s just as determined to show him she’s over him—until she ends up in his bed, enjoying the wildest sex of her life. A night of uncontrolled, erotic sex shows her that Zach is far from out of her life. Now if she can just get him to help her convince her sisters not to sell the ranch—or sell it to the two of them.


Her sisters had both always had big dreams that didn’t include the Flying W. Okay, they could have their plans. But she should be allowed to have hers too. Why she’d let her parents talking her into becoming a teacher she still didn’t know. Sure she loved kids but that wasn’t where her heart was.ATouchOfMagic_200x300

“You need a life outside the Flying W,” her mother had said over and over again.

The last two months had proved to her how wrong she’d been. All she’d thought about since the funeral was finding a way to keep the ranch and run it herself. Quitting her job had been a big step but she’d felt freer than she had in ages. She was committed and she wasn’t turning back.

And Zach Brennan, here of all places. God, how she hated him for the way he’d treated her. That swagger, that arrogance. That smooth, natural charm, damn his eyes. What a sucker she’d been to fall for his line. She’d wasted a lot of her life hanging onto a promise that wasn’t even there. Now it was her turn to take charge.

Shoving the clothing in her hand in a drawer, she picked up the phone on her night stand and called Ty Blackwell. From all the calls back and forth before and after the funeral the number was permanently etched in her brain.

“Maddie?” His voice held a welcoming tone. “You’re the first one here, I guess. Neither of the others has called yet.”

“That’s right. I just got in a little while ago.”

“It’s so good to hear your voice. As soon as Liza gets here, why don’t you call and we’ll set up a time to meet and go over all the details of the will. We can try to put through a call to Jenna wherever she happens to be and get her in on this.”

“You can cut out the sweet lawyer talk,” she snapped. “I’m damn angry with you. What the hell is Zach Brennan doing on my property? I want him off.”

There was a long moment of silence and Maddie could picture the look of shock on Ty’s face.

“Maddie. Honey. I’m sure Zach told you he’s planning to buy the Flying W. When Jack Grady got hurt and couldn’t work any more, it just seemed reasonable to have him move on out there and take over.”

“You get him the hell away from here,” she raged. “The ranch is not for sale and I don’t want to see his lying face anywhere in Texas.”

“Maddie!” Now the shock was evident. “I emailed all of you about this. Your folks said if none of you wanted to live here that was okay. You should have your own lives. The ranch should be sold and the profits split three ways.”

If being the operative word,” she told him. “I don’t want to sell. That’s that.”



Unexpected: new from KG Fletcher
Monday, December 12th, 2016
Unexpected by KG Fletcher
Release Date: December 12, 2016
Publisher: Inkspell Publishing
Recently jilted Josephine Davis wasn’t looking for love…. A chance encounter along the sweltering highway with Atlanta’s own millionaire bachelor changed all that. Devastatingly handsome and full of unexpected talents, William Prescott Harrington, III shows beautiful Josie a life that she could have only dreamed of; his excessive wealth and generosity eventually threatening her very existence. Two star-crossed lovers from polar opposite sides of Atlanta navigate their way through a maze of greed and jealousy desperate for only one thing – each other.
Her heart made a wish. Will her dream become reality or will the nightmare destroy them all? 



He left the flat tire on the pavement and grabbed the spare out of the back, bouncing it to the empty wheel well. He got it on in no time and she held the rim full of nuts for him as he carefully tightened each one back on the tire, flexing his upper body magnificently.
“That didn’t take long now, did it?” He grinned at her again, pushing back the wave on his forehead smearing more black residue on his handsome face. He slowly cranked the jack back down to where the tire was sitting perfectly on the pavement.
“Gosh, that’s a lot of work. I appreciate you coming back and doing this for me. I probably would have had to call Triple-A.” She felt like a wet mop standing on the hot asphalt, sweating profusely watching him hoist the flat tire into the back of the van and shutting the hatch.
“It’s the least I could do,” he said, grabbing his t-shirt off the top of the car. He used his shirt to wipe the sweat from his face, neck, chest, and dirty hands. The shirt was ruined.
“Oh, wow. You just ruined your shirt. Do you have to be anywhere?” she asked with concern. Her eyes were about to pop out of her head watching him.
He ran his hands through his damp hair again, a noticeable habit she was starting to enjoy.
“Nah… I was just heading home by way of Lenox Mall. I can stop by there another day.” He shook his head with disbelief and laughed. “It sure is freakin’ hot out here!” He grinned, rubbing the soiled t-shirt on the back of his neck. “I want to pay you for a new tire, okay?”
She shook her head even though she wasn’t sure how she’d pay for a new one. “No, that’s all right. Thanks though.”
“Okay, but you look hot. Would you like to go for a swim or something?”
Josie held her breath. Did he just ask her to go for a swim? She suddenly felt very dizzy and put her hand on the van to steady herself.

About the Author:

KG Fletcher is the author of the romantic suspense novel, Unexpected released in December, 2016. She is an active member of RWA and the Georgia Romance Writers Association. She was a singer/songwriter in Nashville, TN and a recipient of the “Airplay International Award” for “Best New Artist” showcasing original songs at The Bluebird Café. She earned her BFA in theater at Valdosta State College and has traveled the world professionally as a singer/actress. She currently gets to play rock star as a backup singer in the National Tour, “Remember When Rock Was Young – a Tribute to Elton John.” (
KG lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband Ladd and their three gorgeous sons. She is a hopeless romantic continuing her work on her original cabaret act called, “Love” to help promote her romance novels.