Killing Lies hits the virtual bookshelves.

Today Book #3 in Guardian sEcurity, Killing Lies, released. Like the other books in the series, it has been a work of love. All four books were originally released as The Protectors, but everything, as it ages, needs fluffing and polishing, and that’s what I did with these books. In point of fact, Killing Lies was the only one of the four not a romantic suspense the first time around,. I loved adding that element and using it to enrich the situation with Sarah and Reno.

***By the way, I love that name, Reno. That makes him one of my favorite characters.***

If you haven’t read the first two books, I’m offering a $5 GC to one lucky commenter so you can purchase the first or second book. Meanwhile, here are Reno and Sarah!

After her husband was killed and she lost her unborn child, Sarah Madison believed she’d never find love and happiness again. Instead, she has channeled all her energy into her job as assistant to the sexy CEO of Guardian Security. When he proposes a marriage of convenience, the chance to become a mother is tempting, and so is her new prospective husband. His only flaw—the distance he keeps between himself and his sweet little daughter.

Reno Sullivan’s life is a mess. His first marriage was based on a lie, and the fiery death of his wife left him to raise a baby—a constant reminder of his wife’s deceit. He desperately needs someone to mother the child and take charge of his personal life, and his no-nonsense assistant is perfect for the job. Unfortunately, the alluring woman in the bedroom next to his chips away at his determination to maintain the hands-off clause in their agreement and the ice around his heart.

A near-tragedy and Reno’s fear of love could kill Sarah’s hopes of turning their fake marriage into happily ever after…



“Thank you.” She pushed away the remains of her coffee, suddenly losing her taste for the sweet drink and took a deep breath. “This is very nice, your compliments are wonderful, the dinner was great and I’m enjoying the evening. But I have no idea what’s on your mind. What’s going on here, Reno? What’s so important you had to ask me to dinner?”

Reno swallowed the last of his coffee and set his cup down with careful precision.

“You’re right. It’s time I got to it.”

Sarah waited, forcing herself to sit quietly, even while her pulse began to accelerate. Something was definitely up, and something about Reno’s attitude unnerved her.

He cleared his throat again. “I know that you lost a child when your husband was killed, and I can’t tell you how sorry I am.”

How the hell did he know that? It was carefully guarded information. I wanted a child, but not Mike’s. Not something I can tell a stranger.

“What I wondered…that is, I wanted to know…” He shifted uncomfortably in his chair. “If the opportunity to have a child were presented to you, would you take it? Would it interest you?”

Sarah stared at him. Now, she was really confused. What did this have to do with work?

She blinked. “Excuse me?”

The air between them was suddenly so thick a saw couldn’t have cut it.

Sarah dropped her napkin on the table and pushed back her chair back. “I think I’d like to go home now.”

“Wait, please.” Reno reached across the table and placed his hand on her arm. “I’m doing this badly. Just hear me out, okay?”

She nodded but withdrew her arm, the heat of his hand searing her skin through the silk fabric of her blouse.

“You know I have a two-month-old infant,” he began. “I haven’t done very well with her since Maggie’s death. The circumstances are somewhat difficult.”


What could be so difficult about raising a child? she wondered. Not to mention the fact she had a hard time imagining this sexy as sin man with a child to begin with.

“My fault, nobody else’s,” he continued. “I can’t seem find a housekeeper, and my situation’s desperate.”

Sarah frowned. “Did you want me to check out some agencies? Really, Reno, you didn’t have to take me to dinner to ask me that. I’d be happy to help.”

Reno shook his head. “No, that’s not it at all. I know people who’ve had really serious problems hiring through an agency. I don’t really trust strangers, and I don’t think I’d be comfortable having one live in my house. It hasn’t worked so far.”

“Reno, please. Enough. Just get to the point here.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t usually botch things this badly. Okay, here’s the deal.” He took a deep breath and exhaled. “Sarah, I’m asking you to marry me.”

Sarah stared at Reno, speechless. If he’d asked her to take off her clothes, she couldn’t have been more shocked. Of all the things she might have expected, this wasn’t even on the radar. Cold liquid dripping on her skirt startled her, and she realized she’d knocked over her water glass.




7 comments to “Killing Lies hits the virtual bookshelves.”

  1. Karen Roma
      · August 25th, 2017 at 1:58 pm · Link

    This series looks fabulous Desiree! It is obviously one a the only ones I haven’t read of your, but intend to remedy that soon. I love the covers and the blurbs, and of course your easy, descriptive writing.

    Hugs from OZ


    • DEsiree Holt
        · September 20th, 2017 at 4:16 pm · Link

      Hugs right bak to you.

  2. Jennifer Cowan
      · August 25th, 2017 at 7:02 pm · Link

    Awesome excerpt!!! I’ll have to check out that series!!! Congrats on your new release?

  3. Colleen C.
      · August 26th, 2017 at 12:21 pm · Link

    Congrats on the release of book #3!!!

    • DEsiree Holt
        · September 20th, 2017 at 4:17 pm · Link

      Thanks so much., Hope yo read the series. I am in love with it.

  4. Fedora Chen
      · September 20th, 2017 at 4:01 pm · Link

    Why don’t I remember this one?! Happy new release, Desiree!

    • DEsiree Holt
        · September 20th, 2017 at 4:16 pm · Link

      Because it started life as The Hired Wife and then had a other personality for a while! LOL!. But as with all the books in the Guardian Security series, I have done serious surgery, polishing and revamping and took a straight contemporary romance and turned it into romantic suspense. I really help you like ti.