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Saturday, June 15th, 2019

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I think my love of SEALs began with Troy Arsenault, the hero of FEEL THE HEAT. He was all macho male, a medic with the SEALs and survivor of many secret missions. And yet he still had he are ability to connect with people. He certainly connected with Summer Cahill.

When I was trying to decide on a psychic ability for Summer, I read a book about psychic healing and it fascinated me. Psychic healing also known as Energy healing, is defined as the process of sending healing energy by one or more persons to another person in order to re-energize him or her. Generally, psychic healing can be achieved by a person who has high meditation capacities and who can correctly concentrate on channeling their energies to the patient. They are spiritually developed people. Psychic healers deal with the person on his or her subconscious level. The person who wants to be healed must believe the healer and the process on subconscious level in order the healing to work. Psychic healers may use their clairvoyant ability to find the cause of the problem. This gives them an idea of a solution for healing persons. They may get guidance in the form of images or may get powers directly from the spiritual guides and transmit that power to the patients.

So my really weird brain went to work and I thought, what about all the people out there who do not believe in this? I learned that often a psychic healer is shunned by the community, called a charlatan and worse, and despite positive results, often labelled a crook. I spoke with three different healers who had ugly stories to tell. And yet they continued to do their work and help people.

So I thought, well, here’s a commodity a very wealthy man might want to get his hands on. Enter Kurt Olberman (BTW, I named him in part for a sportscaster I despise! You know want the say about pissing off writers!). He kidnaps Summer and hauls her off to his isolated mansion to sell her ability to the highest bidder. And enter Troy to save the day. But a lot of edge-of-the-seat stuff happens before the HEA.

PS: FEEL THE HEAT was a Book of the Year for Authors After Dark.



This was supposed to be the book to introduce Lone Star Phoenix, six stories with a second Phoenix headquarters on a ranch west of San Antonio. I was living in Texas when I wrote it, had a chance to visit a couple of ranches as vast as Cole Martin’s. The story actually started out as a contest to have the heroine named after the winner. J.L. Mitchell got the nod, and it took off from there.

I had a chance to visit two ranches about the size of Cole’s and watch some of the ranch operations. Where we lived we were surrounded by ranches that size. While I lived there Texas suffered drought conditions twice, and that affects reaching very negatively. For one thing, it affects the ability to grow feed for the cattle. So I did more research, talked to a. bunch of people (including some very sexy cowboys!) and the idea for this book was born. A microbiologist who is developing a drought-reisstant stain of grain. And everyone is after it and her.

J. L. Mitchell’s psychic ability is that she can eat auras. Lately she’s seen too many people surrounded by black and then she…Oh, well! you have to read the book to find out.

Note: The next Phoenix book will not be in Texas, but after that I’ll be back where I left off.


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The dog is the real star
Friday, June 14th, 2019

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When I sat down to write SCENT OF DANGER, I wanted something a little different for the psychic ability. I am a huge Brad Thor fan (he writes heart thrillers), and one of his characters has two Caucasian Ovcharkas. The breed fascinated me, the more I read about them. Originating he the Caucasus Mountains, the breed is known for its uncanny ability to discriminate between a true threat and benign interference. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a strong willed, loyal, fearless dog and a formidable guard dog.  They bond with one master. I was so fascinated by the breed that I made a female Ovcharka, Xena, the star of the story.

Rich Latrobe is a former Army Ranger, now one of five partners in The Phoenix Agency. His meeting with Kelly Monroe is accidental but when her dog, Xena, connects with hi at once, a bond is formed between Kelly and Rick. It is Xena who will sense danger. Xena who will save them from death. And Xena who will guard Rick when his life is in danger.

The plot was inspired by news coverage of Blackwater, former private security contractor, and the accusation that they appropriated arms and sold them illegally. “Federal prosecutors are looking into whether private U.S. security contractor Blackwater USA has shipped unlicensed automatic weapons and military goods into Iraq, a newspaper reported on Saturday.” Further research revealed that the crime was actually committed by someone else but it was a hot story for a while and became the basis for SCENT OF DANGER.

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The Marines to the rescue
Thursday, June 13th, 2019

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Day 3 – The Phoenix Agency

With the success of Jngle Fever, my publisher asked me to expand on the series and get to work on Book #2. Once brain I was looking for a psychic power that appealed to me, one that I could develop and weave interestingly and appropriately into the story. I was a big fan of The Medium televisions show so I tonight, okay. ESP. Extrasensory Perception.  But what is it, actually?

Extrasensory perception or ESP, also called sixth sense, includes claimed reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses, but sensed with the mind. The term was adopted by Duke University psychologist J. B. Rhine to denote psychic abilities such as intuition, telepathy, psychometry, clairvoyance, and their trans-temporal operation as precognition or retrocognition.

In a lot of  the articles I read there was a picture of a medium with a small black cat, so I thought I’d show you my Bast, who sits n my desk all day every day.Who knows. Maybe she’s directing images into my mind!

eSecond sight is a form of extrasensory perception, the power to perceive things that are not present to the 5 senses, whereby a person perceives information, in the form of a vision, about future events before they happen (precognition), or about things or events at remote locations (remote viewing) (more a out this in book #4.). 

The U.S. government lent credence to such claims when it revealed that it had spent millions of dollars recruiting and training psychic spies during the Cold War. Furthermore, research studies have been reported that appear to support the existence of ESP, including an influential series of experiments analyzed by psychologist Daryl Bem of Cornell University.

Contrary to popular opinion, Especially does not always present itself in complete images of scenes. Many mediums, like Mia Fleming, see the mages as icons that have to be deciphered. When I wrote each of her scenes, I did a lot of digging on the Internet to find similar examples so I’d know how to present them

Then of course there is the hero, Dan Romeo. At the time I wrote tis I was taking classes in gun instruction from a for Force Recon Marine. The mission of Force RECON is to conduct amphibious reconnaissance, deep ground reconnaissance, surveillance, battle space shaping, and limited scale raids in support of the MarineExpeditionary Force (MEF), other Marine air-ground task forces, or a joint force. A great hero, right? And this Dan Romeo was born.

The opening chapter blasted into my mind when Marilyn Campbell said,”And donlt forget to loping its a tense, action scene.”

Okay, Marilyn, I hope hanging from a helicopter while shooting at unfriendliness and the copter lifted off was exciting enough for you!!!

One of my very favorite scenes is when Dan appears in an ESP image to Mia n her office at the museum where she works. Check it out! Another scene is when Mia is shot and—Oh, wait! I can’t give it away!!!!!

Check it out yourself, and all the other Phoenix books. Find all the links here:  THE PHOENIX AGENCY   

Oh, and in case you like music when you read her is the link to the YouTube video of The Marine Corps Hymn!


Part Two in The Birth of The Phoenix Agency
Tuesday, June 11th, 2019


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It was 2007. I was attending my very first Romantic Times Convention, this one at the Hyatt in Houston. I was so green I made healthy pass look brown. I was barely published and looking for ways to establish myself. I was barely published at Ellora’s Cave but author Marilyn Campbell had just been hired by EC to create a line featuring psychic abilities and built around The Lotus Circle, an ancient organization of women with special powers, who co idl also enhance each other and interpret visions. Man, it it AMAZING what you can find on the Internet.

The first psychic ability that came to my mind was mental telepathy, maybe because its been so commercialized.

What is Mental Telepathy?

Imagine if you could send a message to anyone you wanted regardless of how far away they are and do it without a written letter or cell phone; no texting, no recorded messages, no penciled thought, no actual words whatever. If you could, you would be using mental telepathy—the process of transferring your thoughts from your mind to someone else’s. This form of communication has always been thought to be outside the mainstream of science. It has always been thought to be in the realm of science fiction or the paranormal. But, there is proof to the contrary. And there is reams of information a bout it on the Internet.

I was also inspired by a song written by the late great Townes Van Zandt called If You Needed Me.

If I needed you would you come to me
Would you come to me for to ease my pain
If you needed me I would come to you
I would swim the seas for to ease your pain.

There had also been a lot of media hustle a but politicians taking payoffs to leak information about Special Ops missions to enemies of ours. My sister ad I used to play the What If game and that’s what I did.  What if my hero (Mark) and heroine ( Faith) have known each other for years, flirted with a romance, even made one one time, the. night of her senior prom. What If he was so committed to his career as a Delta Force team leader that he
believed he had no room in his life for a relationship. What If as teenagers they had discovered they connect ted though mental telepathy. And What If a dirty politician took  money to leak a mission for Mark’s Delta Force Team  in Peru and they were all killed except for Mark (and one other member that no one knew about yet.)And what if Mark is taken prisoner, tortured, and the only way he can get a word out is through his mental connection with Faith? And what if she can’t get anyone to listen because there is a lid on everything but she learns of this very dark civilian secret ops agency that (at that time) didn’t even have an office, just a phone number. And What If she sees in them the ONLY chance to save Mark.

Then I was off to the races. The book practically wrote itself. And Josh Felker, my handgun instructor and former Army Ranger was a fountain of knowledge which he willingly shared with me.

I learned all about terrorists in Peru, dirty politics in Washington and the total dedication of the men in all branches of Special Ops. And that was how Jungle Fever (originally titled Always On My Mind) came to be born. It was so successful, EC asked me to build a series, using the four partners of Phoenix as heroes. And Mark Halloran, rescued in Jungle Fever, left the military and became the fifth partner.

And here is where it began…
Sunday, June 9th, 2019





Time pass so quickly, I sometimes wonder where it goes. It hardly seems possible that 12 years have passed since I sat down to write that first book in The Phoenix Agency. I believe that was my first Special Ops book, also, inspired by my gun class instructor who had been an Army Ranger. He was wonderful about sharing information with me and answering tons of questions. And the book was a success, with great reviews:

“…one of those are books that lingers after her last page has turned.” Two Lips Reviews

“…a top notch read blending a backstory of romance with a realistic, and often violent, suspense tale. (The author) has written a we’ll-crafted heroine with special skills.”  RT Book Reviews

Would you believe it was written as a standalone, but the reception was so overwhelming my editor asked me to turn it into a series. So it was followed by Extrasensory, Scent of Danger, Freeze Frame, Feel the Heat, and Formula For Danger. It gave me the chance to do something I love research!  because each story features a special psychic ability, usually the heroine./  Although I wouldn’t recommend The Report to Congress on Remote Viewing unless you are having rouble sleeping at night. The most fun was researching Xena the dog for Scent of Danger. Xena is a Caucasian Ovcharka and it is believed they have psi abilities.

Because I try to make each book I write based on as much factual information as possibleI made a lot of new friends writing these books, and owe huge thanks to the many Special Ops guys who gave of their time to answer my questions. I also learned frightening things about the extensive reach of drug cartels, the kidnapping of tourists in Acapulco, types of psychic abilities, and the shocking lengths people will go to for power and money.

I was excited when Kindle worlds licensed the series as a Kindle World and I thank the m nay talented authors who wrote in it. Please do a search for The Phoenix Agency on Amazon and check out all the books still available. I still enjoy rereading them.

This year I will be writing my first Phoenix agency book in some time and I am looking forward to it. If you are new to Phoenix or have only read a few of the. books here is your chance to stock up. ALL 6 ORIGINAL BOOKS ARE ON SALE FOR 99 CENTS! That’s right. And two of them for only one week. You can find the links here:


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Don’t wait. Grab your copies of the books reviewers called “edge of your seat romantic suspense.

They served their country in every branch of the military – Army Delta Force, SEALs, Air Force, Marines. We are pilots, snipers, medics – whatever the job calls for. And now as private citizens they serve in other capacities, as private contractors training security for defense contractors, as black ops eradicating drug dealers, as trained operatives ferreting out traitors. With the women in their lives who each have a unique psychic ability, they are a force to be reckoned with. Risen from the ashes of war, they continue to fight the battle on all fronts.

They are Phoenix.