The heat is turned way up in Bluebonnet Falls
Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

Get hot and win a prize


It’s very hot in Bluebonnet Falls when Gabe and Jill get together after all these years. And I’ve got more heat for you. Some lucky commenter will win a copy of INCENDIARY. Just tell me the hottest place to make love. 

For Jill Danvers, going home to Bluebonnet Falls meant seeing Gabe Carter again. Ten years ago she gave him her heart and virginity, then lost him to someone else. Now she’s not only going to see him, she’ll have to work with him on the story she’s writing. Is the heat still there after all this time? and how will she deal with what happened, with the pain that’s never gone away?



“God, darlin’.” His words were like little puffs of air on her face. “You have no idea how much I’ve prayed that despite every bit of bitterness you had a right to feel, you’d still walk back into my life one day.” He traced a line from her mouth to her jawline with feathery little kisses, then moved to her neck and the place behind her ear that drove her crazy. As he teased the soft flesh with the tip of his tongue, his body pressed her back against the couch and one hand moved easily to the buttons on her blouse.

I have to remember something important. What? What?

Then she felt his hands on her, gentle but insistent and she lost all ability to think. Peeling away the blouse, opening the front clasp on her bra, he touched her breasts with a gentleness she’d never forgotten. His mouth closed on a nipple, teasing it with his teeth then swirling his tongue around the hardened bud. Sensation washed over her, sparking her nerve endings, spiraling through her like an electric wire.

“Jesus, I’ve missed you,” he whispered hoarsely. “Not a night has gone by that you weren’t in my dreams.”

Jill clutched at him, her hands feeling his powerful muscles beneath the soft cotton of his shirt, the heat searing her palms. Memories of how well their bodies fitted together played havoc with her mind and her senses. Suddenly his clothes were too much of an obstruction. With frantic movements she tugged his shirt free from his trousers, desperate to touch his skin, to relearn the feel of him. The instant contact was like a drug, fogging her mind.

One arm holding her tightly, Gabe’s other hand moved over her body, mapping it, relearning it. He touched the familiar places, from her breasts to the curve of her stomach, down to her slim legs and up to the inside of her knees, her thighs. Sliding beneath the thin fabric of the skirt, his fingertips teased at the elastic edge of her lace panties. All the while he murmured softly in her ear, words that inflamed her and made her writhe against him.

Automatically she opened her legs to give him greater access. He deepened the kiss as he reached beneath the scrap of silk to touch the soft curls covering her feminine mound. She felt him now, gently touching, probing, her breath coming in shorter and shorter gasps.

Then, out of nowhere, the painful memory of his betrayal along with the reality of the situation blasted into her brain like a bucket of cold water. What was wrong with her? She had no business doing this. Wrenching her mouth away from his insistent lips, she pushed at him with all her strength.

“Stop,” she gasped. “Stop, stop, stop. Let me up, Gabe. Right now.” She writhed in is grasp, trying to free herself.

“What?” He looked at her with eyes clouded with desire. “What’s wrong?” His eyes had an unfocused look. “Jill, I’m so sorry I grabbed you this way but from the minute you walked in the door all I could think of was making love to you.”

She shoved at him as hard as she could, pulling herself away. “We can’t do this. Please.”

He leaned forward while she adjusted herself, raking his fingers through his hair. “Help me understand here.” His voice was raw with passion and frustration. “What we felt so long ago is still there. Ten years haven’t made a damn bit of difference.” He drew a sharp, ragged breath. “You may have hidden from me all this time but you can’t hide the fact you feel it too.”

She had her head bowed, biting her lower lip as she struggled to fasten and rearrange her clothing. “It doesn’t matter. We can’t do this. It’s wrong.”

“Wrong?” He grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him. “Tell me what’s wrong with it. It doesn’t get much better than this. It never did.”

She knew he was going to kiss her again and she jerked her head away. “I don’t sleep with married men, Gabe.”

“Married?” He dropped his hand. “What in God’s name are you talking about? Who’s married?”

“You are.” Defiance gripped her. “To Robin Fletcher. Remember?” Her voice mimicked his from long ago. “‘Robin’s pregnant. Four months.’ Has the little scene somehow disappeared from your memory bank?”

Gabe rose from the couch and stood before her, looming over her, his face a mixture of shock and anger. “I’m not married, Jill. Maybe if you’d bothered to keep in touch you’d have found out. Robin and I were divorced two months after the wedding.”






Cowboy.Marine. Sex god. Hot! Check out Heather Long’s new hero
Monday, December 11th, 2017

Lone Star Leathernecks
As You Were Cowboy

Wrangling a leatherneck takes skill . . . and patience.

Subject: Mateo Lopez, USMC retired

Current Status: Medical discharge, recovering

Mission: Rebuild his life following medical discharge from the Marines after suffering a spinal injury. Care for and train his beloved horses once again.

Obstacle: Claire Windsor. The London-born trainer comes to the ranch, keen on beginning a training program designed to turn its horses into therapy animals. The last thing Mateo wants is a change in routine or a beautiful, talented woman with a sexy accent telling him what to do. But avoiding her may prove impossible, especially when she stands between him and the work he loves.

Find excerpt for Heather Long’s As You Were, Cowboy below.

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Series Reading Order:

Semper Fi Cowboy
As You Were, Cowboy

About the Author:

Heather Long

USA Today bestselling author, Heather Long, likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas summertime.

From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories—her characters drive the books. When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes her time to family and friends she considers family.

She believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest, and your heroines so likable, you’re sure you’ve been friends with women just like them, you’ll enjoy her worlds as much as she does.

Heather is best known for her 18-book paranormal romance series Wolves of Willow Bend, which begins:
Prequel: Wolf at Law
1: Wolf Bite
2: Caged Wolf
3: Wolf Claim
3.5: Wolf Next Door
4: Rogue Wolf
5: Bayou Wolf
6: Untamed Wolf

Heather’s other fantasy romance series include the paranormal westerns Fevered Hearts starting with Marshal of Hel Dorado, Black Hill Wolves which start with What a Wolf Wants, Witches of Mane Street, Mongrels, and the forthcoming Bravo Team WOLF series.

Her contemporary romance series include: Always a Marine, Going Royal, Elite Warriors, The Love Thieves, beginning with Catch Me and Lone Star Leathernecks, beginning with Semper Fi Cowboy.

Heather is well-represented in fantasy wither her superhero series Boomers, a sci-fi western called Space Cowboy Survival Guide, an urban fantasy series called the Chance Monroe Adventures, and a stand-alone ghost novel titled Haunt Me.

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Excerpt of As You Were Cowboy by Heather Long:

Anger filled Mateo Lopez like hot shrapnel bursting with every word the gorgeous blonde issued in her cultured British accent. White-hot lances of pain radiated along his spine. All he’d done was move a few damn bales of hay, and it had left him sweating and gasping for breath. Accepting his limitations and giving in to weakness were not in his wheelhouse, although he’d elected to make the walk to his truck for the prescription the doctor insisted he fill. If he could avoid taking the pain pills he would. Now her.
“I beg your pardon,” she said, and he could practically feel the stiffness of her tone, as though a riding crop were delivering a fresh welt of pain across his back. “Mr. Wilks?”
“I’m not Tanner,” Mateo admitted. As grating as her pronouncement had been, his mother would tear a strip off his hide if he didn’t dispel the misunderstanding. “I’m Mateo Lopez, ranch manager.” Technically, he was the assistant ranch manager to his father. They split the ranch tasks between them. “I handle the trainers as well.”
He was the trainer.
The horses were his.
This . . . woman was not going to just walk in and take over like she owned the place.
“Please accept my apologies, Mr. Lopez. I thought you were Mr. Wilks.” Unease left her manner stilted, and a tiny frown line appeared between her cornflower-blue eyes, which gleamed with intensity even in the barn’s shade. Sugar nickered again and stomped her feet, disturbed by their nearness and likely offended by the lack of attention. The filly was lovely, and a diva in her awareness of it.
With a light cough to clear her throat, she recaptured his attention and continued, “If you could point me in Tanner’s direction, then I’ll excuse myself.”
“I have no problems excusing you, but the ranch is private property and, as I already stated, I oversee all the horses here. We don’t need a new trainer.” It went against the grain on every level. A spasm worked its way along his spine, and he gritted his teeth. Yes, Tanner had mentioned the potential plan—keyword potential. He hadn’t mentioned actually hiring anyone. Mateo attributed it to keeping the Colonel focused on his recovery. That was why, right?
“Mr. Lopez, I’m not sure what I’ve done to offend you, but my contract is with Mr. Wilks.” The stress of the word contract couldn’t be missed, nor could the way her chin lifted and her shoulders went back. Even her nose seemed a little higher, as though she physically held herself back from fighting with him.
“Lady, I don’t know what you think is going to happen, but no trainers touch these horses without my approval.” The horses were everything to him. There was no way Tanner was going to usurp his work to bring a Brit.
“I know exactly what is going to happen. I left a very lucrative and successful training program in Stafford to travel several thousand miles to make a dream come true. I apologize if I’ve offended you, but until Mr. Wilks decides to buy out my contract, I’m not going anywhere.” Stubborn defiance flashed in those willful eyes. Red flushed her cream complexion, which drew his attention to the scatter of freckles across her nose and upper cheeks. They contrasted against her sharp look, and he couldn’t look away.
“What you left or didn’t leave is not my concern,” he said through his teeth. The spasm in his back was continuing to lash at his spine like blazing hot barbed wire. The need to collapse weighed on him, but he refused to give in. Not when he faced an opponent in better physical condition than he. Even if she was overdressed for the heat. To give in to weakness in front of her would be to concede that he couldn’t do his job.
Despite the rigidity of her posture, she couldn’t disguise the concern flickering in her eyes. The last thing he wanted was her sympathy. Not when she stood there with clenched fists. “I’ll leave you to whatever it is you’re doing and seek Tanner out myself.”
Though she turned on her heel and began walking away, Mateo couldn’t just let Claire leave.
“You have no business wandering around the ranch by yourself.” Not dressed like she was—she’d get heatstroke. “The ranch covers several hundred acres, and that doesn’t include the outer pastures.”
Halting, she still held her hands clenched tight as she turned to face him. “Mr. Lopez, was it?”
A shiver of humor evaded the pain storming his system. There was something about the way she framed his name in her perfectly sensible, clipped accent. Melodic and insulting all at once.
“You can call me Mateo.” He managed a smile, though it required him to clench his teeth.
“I’d prefer to keep the address formal in order to stay professional.” The brilliant blue of her eyes turned positively frosty. “That being said, Mr. Lopez, I spoke to a Maria. She directed me to the house, and I chose to stop at the barn on my way there. My mistake. I won’t continue to trouble you.”
The fingers of agony digging into his spine began to twist, and Mateo braced a hand against the door to the stall. White-knuckling, he managed to stay on his feet. A man appeared in the entry to the barn, backlit by the late-day sun, the hat on his head giving away his identity.
“Miss Windsor,” Tanner called as he strode down the aisle. “Maria told me you were here. Was on the way to the house when I saw the car outside.”
Shit. Mateo wanted to curse. Bad enough the foreigner was here. His best friend confirming her story, though—that made it all the worse.

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Thursday, December 7th, 2017

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A bit of Texas not to be missed!
Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Today I’m not blogging about books or authors or what’s good or bad I te industry. Today I’m going to tell you about a place we discovered when we were in Boerne, Texas for my granddaughter’s wedding. A place that so impressed me I have to share it.It takes a lot to impress these days, but I was definitely impressed.

Boerne, Texas is about 40 minutes from downtown San Antonio. Founded in 1848, it is the seat of Kendall county and still retains so much of its original Hill Country charm.  Although I lived there for 15 years I was pleased to discover new things during this visit, the most outstanding of which was The Dienger Trading Company.

The building is named for the original owners, and for years was a mercantile store before becoming the Boerne Public Library Now the library is in new quarters and the transformation of the Dienger building is he brainchild of a forward-thinking man named Raymond Lunsford.”Our mission,” he says in the brochure, “is to restore the former glory and the original beauty of this building, exactly as Joseph Dienger intended back in 1884.”

I’ll tell you, they are doing a fantastic job..

Within the walls is a boutique with departments offering everything from clothing and jewelry to locally distilled bourbon (my favorite!) Everything is laid out for ease of access and pleasing to the eye. I could have spent twice as many hours there as we did.

Of course, we had to walk off the breakfast served in The B intro, which was so incredibly good and delicious we all overate.For several hours we were fed, entranced and entertained.

Boerne sits at the entrance to the beautiful Texas Hill Country and is an easy drive from San Antonio r Austin as well as the smaller towns in between. If you are anywhere near the area, do yourself a favor and spent some time there.

And don’t forget to eat in The Bistro or you’ll never forgive yourself.

You can call this number for information:



The Naked Cowboys are finally back!
Monday, November 13th, 2017

That’s right! Today they are live and can be snuggled up to you in your bedroom for very little money. (They like warm bodies!) Book #1 Stark Naked, is free, and the others are ONLY 99 CENTS. So go forth and lasso them. They are just waiting for you.

Stark Naked

After Reenie bumps into her friend’s very sexy, very naked brother, she decides to keep her distance, but he shows up at her door the next morning asking she doesn’t let first impressions ruin what could be a whole lot of fun.

Matt quickly realizes none of his usual lines will work on Reenie, which only adds to his desire to get her to lower her defenses around him.


Buck Naked

When a cowboy stops to help Amy change a flat, she’s convinced her run of luck isn’t going to change any time soon. Buck is far too confident and cocky for her. Buck made his mark on the rodeo circuit, but the lifestyle left its on marks on him. He knows he should tell Amy about his past before she hears it elsewhere, but every time he opens his mouth, all he can do is kiss her…


Stripped Naked

Jinx thought moving from New York to Rowan Country would mean an end to reporting on murders and dealing with grumpy police who see her as a nuisance. After only a few weeks on the job, someone finds a dead body in a ditch, and Sheriff Dillon Cross is butting heads with the sexy local reporter. They get on like two angry hornets trapped in an upturned glass, but soon it’s more than heated barbs they’re exchanging.


Bare Naked

Georgie invests everything she owns in a dilapidated B&B in Saddle Wells, Texas, so when a rough-around-the-edges cowboy offers his handyman services, she accepts his help in exchange for room and board.

Cade’s a down-on-his-luck cowboy with a reputation so bad no one will hire him. Luckily for Cade, newcomer Georgie doesn’t know anything about the man he used to be. But not everyone is ready to give Cade a second chance, and their newfound happiness could disappear like smoke.


Naked Desire

All Cynthia has left after her divorce is her grandfather’s secret barbecue-spice-rub recipe. She’s determined to start over in Saddle Wells, but she’s totally unprepared for her reaction to the carpenter her new friends recommend.

Jesse is more than happy to renovate Cyn’s storefront, but what he’d really love to do is tackle that self-doubt he sees lurking in her eyes, but first he has to convince her to give them a chance despite their age difference.


Naked Flame

On a night out, former cop Charity notices the brooding bar owner needs help, so she steps in and ends up right in his arms.

After two tours in Afghanistan, Liam now runs his dad’s bar. Having Charity around is a distraction, but he can’t seem to deny whatever there is between them.

When a criminal comes looking for revenge, Charity knows it will be better for everyone if she leaves town, but leaving Liam is more difficult than she thought.

Naked Heat

Andrew “Mac” McDaniel is on a mission to find the drunk driver who killed his twin sister, and his latest lead has brought him to Saddle Wells. When realtor Nida hands over the keys, something sparks between them. But even as undeniable interest turns to hot nights together, Nida is not sure she can stand by and watch him destroy himself when his investigation sends him on a path toward a potentially disastrous act of revenge.


Naked Hunger

Raising livestock in Saddle Wells isn’t as exciting as the pro circuit for local rancher Ryan, but the sweet new vet in town certainly livens things up. Sable claims she has no time for a relationship, so Ryan suggests they have some friends-with-benefits fun while he convinces her she doesn’t have to choose between career and love. But when a costly mistake puts her career in jeopardy, Sable could lose everything.


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