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Saturday, May 26th, 2018

“Sweet and sexy with hotness thrown in.”

Second Chance For Love”

Suffering from a devastating loss, Rebecca Forrester is finding it hopeless to move forward with her life. It’s just easier to succumb to the darkness that surrounds her. When an unexpected visitor arrives, he forecasts a beautiful and fulfilling life for Rebecca if she is willing to open her heart and mind to change. It’s the kind of change that will bring James Collinson into her life, but is he willing to let another woman into his? Battling his own heartbreak, James remains focused on his business and raising a teenage son. Could James be the answer to Rebecca’s happiness? Is there a second chance for both of them to find love again?


Slowly opening her eyes, Rebecca woke up to the sound of birds chirping in the distance. Her first thought was that she overslept and that she had better get ready for work. She was grateful that she had gotten thru the night and it was a start to another day. Promising to be kinder to herself on this first day of a new year without Denny, Rebecca gave herself a little smile of encouragement that she truly wasn’t feeling.

“You can do this,” Rebecca whispered out loud.  “Just take one step at a time.”
Rolling over onto her back, Rebecca was startled to find that she was lying down in tall grasses which surrounded her and that this definitely wasn’t her bed. Laying her arms straight out on either side, she felt the grass beneath her hands.

“Where am I?” whispered Rebecca. With a sense of panic, she stood up in a beautiful meadow filled with gorgeous wildflowers. The beauty in front of her just took her breath away.  Every single color imaginable surrounded her. It reminded her of the sixty-four Crayola crayon box that held all of these incredible colors.  She felt a slight breeze that softly kissed her skin and made the flowers sway gently in unison. Reaching out to touch one of the flowers, the petals were shockingly soft, unlike anything she had ever felt before. Feeling totally disoriented, Rebecca knew she went to bed but didn’t know where she was or if she was dreaming this.  It was too real not to be true.

As Rebecca tried to calm her quickening pulse, she took in the beauty of the landscape and was actually afraid to move from the spot on which she was standing. Its beauty overwhelmed her as the colors were so vibrant they bordered on almost hurting her eyes. She even noticed that the air smelled sweeter than what she was used to and that the weather was almost too perfect. As she breathed in and out, it seemed to have a calming effect on her.  She knew that she was in a peaceful place but where?  What is this place thought Rebecca and why am I here?
As far as she could see, the landscape was breathtaking but there wasn’t a soul in sight.  She raised her face to the warmth of the light and let it soak deep within herself.  The light resonated peace and love; yes love.  That was the emotion Rebecca felt from the light and let herself be engulfed in it. She embraced it. Her body and mind craved this so much.  It was though this place knew her and what she went thru the past year. It gave her comfort.
“Where am I?” whispered Rebecca.

Off in a distance, she thought she heard a dog barking; a bark that sounded so familiar to her. “No it couldn’t be,” thought Rebecca. Where was that bark coming from?  As she looked in the direction of that sound, she saw the tall grasses start to move in front of her with a top of a dog’s tail sticking above the grass.  With a look of disbelief on her face, a big yellow Labrador retriever started running towards her.  This couldn’t be her beloved dog Sampson as he had died two years prior to her husband’s tragic passing from the car accident. Yet as the Labrador got closer to her, Rebecca knew in her heart that this was Sampson. She saw the American flag collar on his neck and how his long tongue always fell out of his mouth onto the right side when he was running. Feeling tears flow uncontrollably down her cheeks, Rebecca just started laughing. She was shocked to hear herself as laughter was an emotion that she had no reason to feel.  As she knelt down to embrace the dog that she missed so much, Sampson ran right into her arms and slobbered her with what Rebecca always called “doggie kisses.”  She just held onto him, not quite believing this was truly happening and that she was being given a second chance to be with him.
Grasping his face, she looked incredulously into his eyes. Running her hands down his ears, she started kissing both sides of his jowls and just breathed in his scent. As she was hugging him to her body, Sampson started rubbing his head on her cheek just like he did when he was alive.  At that point, Rebecca knew it was her beloved dog.

“How are you my sweet boy?  I’ve missed you so very much. I can’t believe this is you!” Looking at him, she noticed that Sampson was a young pup again and not the feeble dog they had to carry outside towards the end of his life. She briefly thought of their last time together as she hugged him at the vet’s office when she said goodbye to him. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Was this a dream or reality and why?
“You are young again Sampson! I just can’t believe it’s you! You are my handsome boy,” laughed Rebecca. She couldn’t stop the joy and love she felt while hugging Sampson close to her.  How could this be thought Rebecca?

With Sampson’s ears perking up, Rebecca saw that something caught his attention.  Slowly standing up, she couldn’t take her eyes off the man who was coming towards her.  Not even blinking for fear that this mirage would fade away, Rebecca’s eyes just stared at him as he got closer to her. She quickly wrapped her arms around her waist as though to protect herself from whom she was seeing. This was entirely too much for her to handle and just felt that her world was crashing down around her. As the man got closer to her, he raised his hand in a familiar gesture as fresh tears came pouring out of her eyes.

“Oh my God,” sobbed Rebecca.



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Two hot Doms: take one or take both
Thursday, April 26th, 2018

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Welcome to Rawhide

At this very exclusive sex club in Northwest San Antonio, those with the money to satisfy their tastes in an exclusive, controlled environment can do so. On the outside is appears to be a well-maintained estate with plenty of parking for its clients. The fieldstone exterior, mullioned windows and ornate brass door knocker all speak of quiet wealth and exclusivity.

But behind the heavy oaken door, in the hushed atmosphere of the lounge or the well-lit performance area, or the well-appointed private rooms, men and women live out their greatest sexual fantasies and hopefully find the right partner to bring them happiness and fulfillment.


Night Wrangler

(my personal favorite!)

She wants to cross the line and only he can take her there…

Computer programmer Risa Channing craves a man who can take her to levels she’s never reached. Dark, erotic, demanding, the Night Wrangler promises that and more with his dark eyes and hard muscles. The sexy Dom handles horses by day, but at night, he finesses women who want his delectable brand of BDSM pleasure. As Risa steps into the unknown of Rawhide’s private dungeon, she takes one look at the Night Wrangler and prepares to take a journey that will change her life forever.




When your life is at a crossroads…

Dani was stunned to realize that after so many years as a sub, her tendencies and desires lay in another direction. One she’d never seen for herself. Had she been wrong all this time? Was that why her life had become a whirlpool of uncertainty?

And someone comes into it who changes the way you saw everything…

Ethan had always been successful at keeping his public and private sides separate. After all, who would want a highly sought after attorney who in reality wanted to give over control to a woman and be punished in a number of erotic ways?

The heat can be high enough to set fire to he walls of Rawhide

One night was all Dani asked for. One night with the perfect sub. The fact that Ethan fulfilled her fantasies beyond her wildest dreams, that he touched the very core of her as no one else had, made her wonder if she’d bitten off more than she could chew. Could she deal with it if it went beyond the walls of Rawhide?


New stories in Roxanne St. Claire’s Barefoot Bay KW!
Monday, April 23rd, 2018
Kick off your shoes and fall in love. That’s the motto at Roxanne St. Claire’s Kindle World. Here for your great reading pleasure a brand new batch of love stories. Only $1.99 each, so pick up a handful!

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Flip flops, shells and starfishes on blue wooden background. Copy space for your text.


A Marine and a single mom are reunited on an island paradise.
Flynn O’Malley comes to visit his brother and runs into a face from his past. Mia Borde sure has changed from the little girl he knew while growing up and he wants to get to know her all over again. She awakens something within him he never knew existed.
Mia is a widow and focused on raising her little girl. When her past blows into her life, she is expecting a momentary fling with him. Flynn is thinking a bit longer than that, but she’s been the wife of a Marine once, can she do it again? It’s not just her heart she has to think about.
They have a past, they’re enjoying their present, will they be allowed a future, forever together?
Mari Williams sees the world through the filter of her camera’s lens. Working as a high fashion photographer she’s built her career on not giving in to the fashion industry’s demands of creating unattainable images of beauty. When Mari finds herself at the center of a scandal around her photos she seeks refuge in Barefoot Bay. A lifetime of building a career she’s proud of is threatened and she doesn’t know by who or why. While hiding out and hoping the storm blows over she finds herself drawn to a sexy stranger and for the first time, she doesn’t long to hide behind the safety of her camera.

Brett Reynolds, former Army Ranger, makes a living by never missing a detail so he can keep his high-profile security clients safe. That skill honed over years in the military and years in the security business is what alerted him to Mari standing on the beach, hiding behind her camera studying him through her telephoto lens. That keen attention to every detail is why he’s determined to find out what’s troubling Mari and keep her safe. 

Mari has spent a lifetime keeping the world and any potential relationships at lens-length, using her camera as a buffer between her and the world. Brett finds himself suddenly beginning to crave the family roots that he sees forming all around him, but when things get hot will he be able to choose Mari over the loyalty he feels to a fellow Army Ranger on the wrong side of the law? 
Unconventional Attraction by Casey Hagen
Caterina Centore tried for six months to snag leave from the Army before they finally approved it. She has every intention to put that time off to good use by heading to Barefoot Bay to meet her brother’s new love and make sure she’s good enough for her baby brother. What she didn’t expect was for her brother to take advantage of her protective nature by enlisting her to dog sit for their new puppy, Hank, while he takes a two week vacation to St. Martin. Hank is long on hijinks and short on manners and it’s not even twenty-four hours before Caterina enlists the help of local mobile vet/dog trainer, Miles Weston, to whip Hank into shape and make him hup, two, three, four like a good little soldier before his doggie parents arrive home. 

Miles Weston has finally found peace after a messy divorce that led him to losing the vet practice he’d built from the ground up. The last thing he needs is to train an adventurous dog with fierce spirit to perform like an emotionless solider, even if it means spending more time with about the sexiest, most exhilarating, yet most rigid woman he’s ever met. While Hank could use a few lessons, he’s not nearly the lost cause Caterina claims he is, and Miles sets out to train Caterina in a few lessons of her own.

He has two weeks to soften Caterina’s heart while fortifying his own so he doesn’t fall head over tail for a woman who, from the onset, intends to walk right back out of his life. 
DEADLY PERIL by Desiree Holt
It was bad luck that had Robin Hanna working late the night her boss, already in trouble with the feds, had two late visitors. Worse luck for him when they shot him dead. Barely escaping the men chasing her, she connects with Jonas Faulkner, the FBI agent who she’s been helping build a case against her boss. In less than twenty-four hours, they whisk her out of town and off to the Casa Blanca Resort and Spa in Barefoot Bay, Florida. If she has to hide away, she gives thanks for the hiding place they picked…a luxury resort.

The old saying about the best laid plans of mice and men going astray would definitely apply to Trey DeMarcus. He had his life all mapped out: a beautiful wife, a career in JAG, and then retirement to Montana, a state where he’s always wanted to live. But, along the way, his wife objected to both the kind of law he wanted to practice and where he wanted to live. Her divorcing him on the day he retired from the Navy cut him to the quick, and in a year he hasn’t healed. Which is why he’s on a forced vacation at the Casa Blanca Resort and Spa.

When these two meet up at Barefoot Bay, they have nothing in common except lives in chaos. Robin is terrified the killers will find her, and Trey has vowed never to risk his heart again, But Barefoot Bay works its magic, and soon the electricity between them lights up the sky. But when Trey gets the wrong impression of something, this second chance for both of them could be sunk in the waters of Barefoot Bay.
EmKay Connor

He’s smart, he’s rich…and he’s lonely as hell. Axel Caverly isn’t your typical millionaire playboy. The top tech guy at Dragon Sports, an athletic gear company that’s recently expanded into designing products for athletes with special needs, he spends more time with circuit boards than socialites. When his boss, an alum of Perfect Match, suggests Axel entrust his love life to technology, it’s a no-brainer. 

Bravery isn’t an issue for U.S. Marine Corps aviator Babs McClellan. She’s flown in combat situations and survived a helicopter crash in enemy territory. But when she auditions for Perfect Match, a televised dating reality show in hopes of meeting a man who will appreciate her for the woman she is instead of who she isn’t, it will take every ounce of courage to reveal her heart, body and soul.

Once upon a time there was a boy who met a girl. They fell in love, got married and lived happily every after…

Wait. Scratch that — at least the HEA, because in reality marriage is hard and being a Navy wife is harder and even lonely. So much so at time, that you think it’s better to walk away.

Colette Thomas has spent the last ten years regretting that decision.

Fate (and Uncle Sam) has given her a second chance. Too bad her ex-husband, Casey Thomas, wants nothing to do with her. She broke his heart once before and he’s not down with repeating the experience. Thankfully, fate (and friends) has stepped in and Colette and Casey find themselves sharing the same one-bedroom villa at the beautiful Casa Blanca Resort and Spa.

The easy thing to do would be to walk away, but the universe keeps throwing roadblocks in their way as does their stubborn temperaments. Forced to face their past, can they see the fine line between love and hate? Can they find the strength to forgive? And can they find the courage to take a second chance on love?
Once upon a time there was a boy who met a girl. They fell in love, got married and lived happily every after…

Wait. Scratch that — at least the HEA, because in reality marriage is hard and being a Navy wife is harder and even lonely. So much so at time, that you think it’s better to walk away.

Colette Thomas has spent the last ten years regretting that decision.

Fate (and Uncle Sam) has given her a second chance. Too bad her ex-husband, Casey Thomas, wants nothing to do with her. She broke his heart once before and he’s not down with repeating the experience. Thankfully, fate (and friends) has stepped in and Colette and Casey find themselves sharing the same one-bedroom villa at the beautiful Casa Blanca Resort and Spa.

The easy thing to do would be to walk away, but the universe keeps throwing roadblocks in their way as does their stubborn temperaments. Forced to face their past, can they see the fine line between love and hate? Can they find the strength to forgive? And can they find the courage to take a second chance on love?
Navy SEAL, Lt. Mitchell Harrison spent the last couple of months recovering from an injury and trying to charm the sexy physical therapist, Ashely Briggs, assigned to his case. While she’s attentive to the healing process, giving him the best care possible, she’s seems to be immune to his devilish good looks and charismatic wit. When he sees her at a buddies wedding, he makes it his mission to make Ashely his and Mitchell Harrison never fails.

Army brat and daughter of a former Green Beret, Ashely Riggs spent a life time dealing with military men. She has the utmost respect for those who serve, one of the reasons she became a physical therapist working strictly with those in the armed forces. However, she never gets too close and she never, ever dates her patients. That is until the sexy Mitchell Harrison with his warm smile, unique teal green eyes, a wicked sense of humor, and is everything she’d ever wanted in a man, shows up at her best friend’s wedding. Unable to resist his advances, she spends one of the best weeks of her life and is ready to take a chance.

That is until a dark secret from Mitch’s past surfaces and not only puts her heart in danger, but her life as well. 
HEAL MY HEART by Marian Griffin
Heal My Heart is the story of a wounded warrior and a practical man who believes in heal thyself.

Carol Lee has PTSD after a tour in Afghanistan. Saving the children was her weakness and she saved quite a few of them. But she’s paying the cost. She always had cats but now faces getting a dog. A therapy dog. She has to learn about dogs in general, therapy dogs specifically and her dog trainer’s sexy brother.

Mason Wallace is a car mechanic. He believes in post-traumatic stress syndrome but believes people should be able to push through their fear and live. Unlike his uncle, who killed himself six months after leaving Iraq. And a local veteran who shot himself after three tours of Afghanistan.

Mason becomes infatuated with Carol before discovering she has PTSD and his sister is teaching her about dogs. After a tense dinner, he flees back to the Casa Blanca Resort & Spa with the intention of leaving the island altogether. But…Carol stays in his head.
THE PILOT’S PROMISE by Pam Mantovanti
They fought for their country… now they must fight for their love
Air Force fighter pilot Andrew Reynolds is on leave in Barefoot Bay to grieve the loss of his best friend. His plans change when Hailey King arrives with the life-altering news they’re expecting a baby. Andrew convinces the strong-willed woman who’d attracted him from their first meeting to stay long enough to come to a parenting agreement. He promises to honor whatever decision they reach. Soon however, their resumption of the sensual nights that brought them to this point has him wanting to make a different promise.
Raised by an often absent single mother, and a string of paid sitters, Air Force Lt. Hailey King is as independent as they come. While she only intended to share the news of her pregnancy with Andrew, she finds it impossible to deny his request to stay in Barefoot Bay for a few days. Determined to not expect anything from him she’s unable to resist again being his lover. Soon, their passion has her wishing she could have faith in his promise of a shared life together.
REBEL REINVENTED by Pat Dengate w/a Karen Ann Dell
Jesse Ziegfeld lives in a world of pain. The piece of shrapnel lodged against his spine put an end to his career as a Navy SEAL, and left him with no idea how to move on. For now he manages his brother’s fitness center until he can find a ‘real’ job. Life throws him a curve ball when a young teenager tries to rob him as he’s leaving the gym. Remembering his own adolescence as the black sheep of his family, he decides not to call the cops but instead gives the kid a chance to turn his life around. 
Sydney is one smart lady. She has an MBA from Wharton and a bartender’s education from her college days. She uses both skills to keep the bars, restaurant and private villas stocked with top shelf liquors at the Casa Blanca Resort & Spa. In a few days she’ll be the Maid of Honor for her BFF Miranda, who wants to set her up with Jesse, her future husband’s brother and Best Man. But Sydney has a secret that casts grave reservations on that scenario. Already caught off guard by her divorced mother’s announcement that her new love will be moving in, Sydney quickly plans a trip to Philadelphia after the wedding to visit her dad while the couple ‘settle in’. 
Two of Jesse’s five brothers have found true love at this posh resort in Mimosa Key, Florida, soon Jesse will fly down to be best man at Owen’s wedding. While hook-ups between members of the wedding party have become a cliché, neither of these two expect to feel any attraction to their opposite number. Jesse is sure Sydney will be a stuck-up socialite who wouldn’t be caught dead dating a SEAL. Sydney assumes Jesse will be a macho, domineering military man whose idea of marriage includes a barefoot and pregnant wife. 
Three heated days later, they’ve gone from strangers to lovers and back again when a verbal misunderstanding breaks the tenuous bond the pair forged so quickly. An unplanned meeting in Philadelphia lets the couple explore the possibility that the courage of true love can meet life’s twists and turns and set them on the road to a lifetime of happiness?


Desiree Holt
USA Today Bestselling author
New Brotherhood Protectors titles today…and a little secret!
Thursday, April 5th, 2018

Today is the day that a whole slew of new titles releases in Elle James’ Brotherhood Protectors. Who are these men? Former Special Forces from every branch of the military who continue to protect people long after their services has ended. Heroes you fall in love with, and heroines you want to change places with. And here is a little secret: my hero in HIDDEN DANGER is modeled after a real person.

When my friend’s husband chatted with me more than a year ago at a book signing, I looked at him and thought, man! He would make a great hero—gorgeous, sexy, and with that dark, dangerous look women love. It took a while to get the right plot but today, in HIDDEN DANGER. meet Charlie Zero, modeled after the real life Charlie Z. I had such a great time writing about him.

One click the book and find out for yourself how sexy Charlie Zero is.

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Someone will win a copy of RAW EDGE OF DANGER, Book #1 in my Omega Team Kindle  World Series


Something is wrong in Alix Bonner’s marriage. Maybe in her life. How can she pick two losers in a row? But her husband’s lack of attention is nothing compared to the shocking graphic she sees on their television screen when she arrives home unexpectedly. Now she has to get away before he knows she’s seen it…and erases her.

Charlie Zalman—otherwise known as Charlie Zero or Zero—is heading home after a long assignment for Brotherhood Protectors. All he wants is a hot shower, a cold beer and a soft bed. He’s still nursing the damage to his arm that got him his medical discharge from the SEALs and chased away the woman he thought loved him. No more women, at least for more than one night. Until he finds Alix Bonner stranded on he highway and frightened out of her mind.

Lee Bonner has built an empire on corrupt business but now it seems to be closing in on him. Someone has snitched to the feds and his wife has seen information never meant for her eyes. She can tighten that noose around her neck if he doesn’t find her.

But he doesn’t know about Brotherhood Protectors, trained former military led by Hank Patterson, who will do anything to save their own. In less than twenty-four hours everyone’s life will change.

And here are the links to ALL of today’s releases:

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Regan Black – Lost Signal:
Aliyah Burke – Spring Rain:
Silver James– Montana Moon:
Author Kat Mizera – Catching Lana:
Desiree Holt – Hidden Danger:
Jesse Jacobson – Rainhorse:
Kris Norris – Carved in Ice:
Christine Glover -Falling for her Temporary Bodyguard:
Beth Williamson -SAWYER:
Jen Talty– Rough Justice:
Mary Winter – Roped & Rescued:
Margaret Madigan – Broken SEAL:
Layla Chase – Ranger Loyalty:

Who likes sweaty construction workers?
Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Tell my if you do and why

Winner gets a free digital copy of my romantic suspense COLLISION COURSE


ERECTOR SET is a series about three brothers in the construction business: the business manager, the architect and the construction manager. But whatever their job, they get down and dirty when it counts.


She was the one he didn’t want to run from—but she ran first.

Alex McMann is the financial brains behind the ride to stardom of McMann Brothers Development. He and his brothers, Josh and Tyler, cut a wide swathe in commercial development. The only place he can’t seem to get satisfaction is in the bedroom.

Enter Olivia, sharp, smart and sexy, who challenges him in and out of the bedroom and turns his life upside down. For the first time, he’s the one chasing the relationship and she’s the one walking away. Alex will need a miracle to convince her to take a chance on him—permanently.



As he seated himself in the plush chair in front of her desk he wondered if she wore that look like a mask, sort of a defense against the world that saw her as either a hard-ass bitch or a pushover. Or maybe coming across as a playful imp disarmed the people she discussed finances with. Well, forewarned was forearmed.

If he just didn’t feel that emotional tug that had blindsided him, the last thing he’d expected.

He crossed his legs, resting one ankle on the opposite knee, unbuttoned his jacket and leaned back in his chair. Most of the time he was the soul of propriety in these meetings, but Livy D’Angelo broke the mold for CFOs and he needed to be one step ahead of her. So he let his gaze roam over what he could see of her above the desk, stopping at full breasts caressed by the silk of her blouse, then traveling upward at the same pace, taking in the slender neck, the trim shoulders, the rich auburn hair framing an oval face with eyes the color of emeralds. Dark lashes cast shadows on creamy skin. The light scent of her perfume floated past his nostrils and he had to stop himself from taking a deep breath.

Hold it, asshole. This is a business meeting. And what adult man falls in love in five minutes? We just met, for crying out loud. She’ll think I’m a nut.

But just as he gave himself a mental kick in the ass, he noticed that Livy was giving him the same kind of slow assessment. Her eyes took in his body the same way he’d looked at hers. A hint of humor tugged at the corners of her mouth before something else flashed in her eyes, something brief that disappeared as fast as it came He realized with a shock that she was affected, too, and doing her best to cover it with humor.

Holy shit!